Representing the final kid's show of local legend Stu Kerr, "54 Space Corp" was also the only program he did not make at WMAR-TV, and the only local children's show to date produced at Channel 54.  This time, the creative Kerr portrayed "Commander Stukker," a take-off on the Commander Riker character from "Star Trek - The Next Generation."  "54 Space Corp" aired weekday afternoons during the late '80's/early '90's, and featured the puppetry of Rob Lovett.

Sadly, Stu contracted bone marrow cancer in the early 1990's.  In May 1994, your obedient webmaster, then serving as a producer at WITH-AM, phoned Stu to arrange an interview on "The Eddie Applefeld Show."  When Stu answered the phone, his voice was raspy and weak--barely audible, barely recognizable.  During the course of our conversation, I revealed to him that he'd announced my third birthday on Channel 2 back in 1957, and that the event remained my first conscious memory.  He replied simply, "Awh."  As the interview began, Stu's voice became clear and strong.  I had the presence of mind to grab a cassette and hit the record button, missing only the first minute or two of the conversation between Stu and Eddie.  We played a few seconds of "Tijuana Taxi" as Eddie discussed highlights of Stu's 42-year career in Baltimore.  If he was resigned to his fate, he never even hinted at it during the brief interview with Eddie Applefeld that Saturday afternoon.  In fact, Stu promised Eddie he's come back on a future program.  I'm happy to say I still have that tape.  It turned out to be the last interview of Stu Kerr.  Six weeks later, the television legend died at his home in the Riderwood section of Baltimore County, at the age of 66.    

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