In addition to the bleachers, there was a 'Kid's Baffle' whirling, lighted gameboard just behind the central host position.  When a contestant was ready, a button would be pushed, the lights would blink while they rotated, and land on a catagory.  A question about that topic would then be asked."

Bob continued, "I always enjoyed the pressure and spontaneity of 'live on tape.'  It put an extra degree of electricity into the project for all of us.  The questions were multiple choice and dealt with music, history, sports, etc.  The kids who represented their respective schools were bright and right many more times than they were wrong.  Another host, whose name eludes me right now, emceed the show before I did.  I think he might have done two years.  I did three, and after those five years the show ended.  I always felt it was an honor to have been chosen as the host of 'Kid's Baffle.'  The show enjoyed a large viewership, gave me a platform upon which to further develop as an air personality, and get my foot in the door at WJZ after many years with Maryland Public Television."

Following his "Kid's Baffle" days, Bob and his wife Tanna moved to Florida, where he became a scuba instructor in 1988.  He remained in media through advertising, voiceover, and video production work, which he continues to do today.
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